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About Us

Lo Paige

Hello Lovelies! I am Lo Paige and this is my website! I am a college student who has a severe obsession with Gilmore Girls, inevitably drinks two (or more) cups of coffee or tea a day, dreams about fashion, and can eat twice as much food as my sweet boyfriend. 

The dream behind Shop Lo Paige began when I was trying to revamp my wardrobe by shopping a few fashion bloggers I had followed for years. I was building a list of items I LOVED and then when it was time to look at the price tag for 4 items, the reality of the fashion world hit me, $1,132!!! I was so disappointed! I am a picky shopper as is when I am online and to find out only four items cost a full months rent was shocking. BUT, that is when it hit me. I can do anything I want! (Thanks mom for telling me that every night even now) So, I curated a collection of fashion and lifestyle products for the killer women in this world without breaking their banking accounts.

I hope you love the items we have stocked just as much as I do!